Experiences in Kerteminde and the surrounding area


Johannes Larsen Museum

Recognized art museum within walking distance of Købmandsgaarden. Here you can admire Johannes Larsen’s own works, as are often guest exhibitions. Johannes Larsen lived on the ground at the North Beach, and there is access to the family housing and studio.

Around the museum is a lovely garden and a new renovated cafe.


Inlet and belt center

Here you can get acquainted with fish and sea life in the sea around Kerteminde.
You get close to guinea pigs and seals and there is the possibility of touching crabs, starfish and other living in the sea.


The ship of Ladby

In Ladby 5 km. From Kerteminde you will find the Viking Ship Museum, which is a well-preserved Viking ship situated in a high altitude. For a number of years, volunteers have constructed a fully-fledged reconstruction of a Viking ship. Furthermore, you will find a multi-meter long embroidered blanket, which volunteers have also worked on for many years.



Hindsholm is a peninsula with lovely nature and birdlife. There are good cycling lanes, eg. an asphalted railroad which brings almost all the way to Funen’s head.
You can also drive through the small villages with thatched farms, and in Måle you can be lucky to do at Måle Bagerbod (cafe) or the small smokehouse. (outdoor restaurant). In Mesinge lies Kirkeladen, a restaurant in a historic building. By car you can drive all the way to Funen Head and go for a walk around the Main, a walk of approx. 45 minutes.

The Hill of Munkebo

Up the hill in Munkebo you will find the best spot in the area, a lovely area with a small tower that you can walk up to.
From here you have a wonderful view and you are amazed at how much water is available on all sides (Odense inlet, Kerteminde inlet, Storebælt, etc.).
You are also very close to Odense Industrial Park (formerly Lindø), where today there is at least as much activity as when it was a shipyard.